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About Our Company

             Baltimore Industries, Inc., formerly known as Marlo Industries, Inc., was founded in the year 1981.  This company was primarily started for the purpose of manufacturing and distributing safe, very effective and inexpensive industrial grade solutions, compounds and concentrates, for the cleaning industry.  In 1995, we branched out into the residential market as we introduced Mom's brand of industrial cleaning products, also geared toward home users.     

                 Currently we offer a wide range of genuine products including: drain blasters, strippers, finishers, grease busters, graffiti zappers, germ killers, stain removers, fresh air, even car wash in a bottle, plus much more.

                 Our research & development team is constantly seeking to improve and create specially formulated combinations which are designed, tested (not on animals) and proven in order to provide our customers with safe, simple, cost-effective products that exceed their expectations.  Some of our unique products are mild enough for light duty household chores; however, at the same time they are tough enough for the most complex and challenging tasks.  They are environmental friendly, biodegradable and of course, timesaving. 

                 Along with our superior line of low cost, high quality merchandise, Baltimore Industries, Inc. offers quick, no-hassle ordering & delivery and lifetime customer care.  We appreciate and supply our patrons with excellent services and friendly support to assure their ultimate satisfaction.  Our integrity is extremely important to us; therefore, all of our products come with a 30-day guarantee (from the date received) to perform exactly as we claim, or full credit will be issued and remains will be returned at no cost to customers.   

                 We have achieved the confidence of these clients listed below:

  •                 Secret Service

  •                 Bureau of Printing & Engraving

  •                 Andrews Air Force Base

  •                 U S Navy Research Lab

  •                 University of Maryland

  •                 Giant Food Stores

  •                 Johns Hopkins University

  •                 Fairfax County Public Schools

  •                 General Services Administration

  •                 Global Services


Our main goal is to help make the world a cleaner, safer, healthier, happier place!

 We have the Environmental Protection Agency's seal of approval. 

We hope to achieve yours.