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Household/Commercial Cleaning Products

Blast - drain opener                   

Blast pm - drain cleaner

Diamond Shield -  car interior finish

Eradicator - oven cleaner

Fresh Air - air freshener

Quick Step - car wash & wax

Silky Suds - hand soap/dishwash

T.G.B Plus - tile, grout & bowl cleaner

Thrust-Out - multi-purpose cleaner

Thrust-Out NP - cleaner for food processing areas


Commercial only Cleaning Products

Blue Purge - liquid toilet bowl flush

Diamond Elegance - all-purpose floor finish

Dyna-Strip - solvent urethane stripper

Garb-Oust - trash chute/garbage area emulsifying cleaner

Graff-Off - graffiti remover

No-Pane - multi-surface/glass cleaner

Nu-Seal - floor sealer

Quick Fix - floor finish rejuvenator

Ultra Gloss - all-purpose floor finish

Ultra Seal - urethane/acrylic sealer

Our products are available in the following sizes

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